Mac Related 3D Models

Mac 128k/512k/Plus Interrupt/Reset Buttons

Early compact macs have NMI and Reset buttons on the logic board, but are not accessible by default. They need some plastic buttons mounted on the case to poke through and press the buttons on the logic board. These buttons are made of plastic that seems to get brittle as it ages, making them a bit fragile these days. They also break if you forget to remove them prior to attempting to open the machine's case.

Since a lot of mine have started to break, I decided to attempt to recreate a functional replacement for 3D printers before all mine broke. Here's the result:

The buttons themselves are a little rough in the picture above, since I printed this with all the supports on the button side, and oriented it vertically. Altering the orientation and supports should fix that. But it's totally functional.


plusbutton.scad The OpenSCAD source.
plusbutton.stl The STL model file for printing.

Mouse Ball Cap

This is for the early Apple mice for the Apple IIe, 128k, 512k, and Plus with the DE9 connector on the end. I had one missing the plastic cover that holds the ball in place, and made a new one:


plusmousecap.scad The OpenSCAD source.
plusmousecap.stl The STL model file for printing.

ROM SIMM Programmer Case

The programmer for Doug Brown's programmable ROM SIMM needed a case. I whipped up this case christmas eve:


romsimmprgmr.scad The OpenSCAD source.
romsimmprgmr.stl The STL model file for printing.

Quadra 700 Feet

q700foot.scad The OpenSCAD source.
July 29 2015

Apple Extended Keyboard II Spacebar

spacebar5.stl August 24 2015

Updated August 24 2015